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Updates 9/25/12

Well, well, well...It's been a little while. Let's start off with the big news since My last post: My website! I now have an official website at www.serveida.com. I spent a good few months building everything, and I am so happy with the way that the site turned out. It has My personal flair and style in every element, while still being easy-to-follow for the simple-minded. So hop on over there, check it out, worship & tribute!

Next, I am having another slipper auction on ebanned! I have been wearing these special slippers since January 2012, and they are ripe sweat and ingrained dirt. This is an auction that any foot fanatic will not want to miss! Click here to go place your bid now. The slippers can be seen below: 


Moving on, I have recently become involved with a new romantic interest, and things have been going extremely well. It should go without saying that My new man is more intelligent, talented, and better looking than any of you gimps could ever be. Therefore, I will now be accepting applications for one cash cuck. Duties will include being a pay bitch by funding dates, purchasing intimate items and general accommodating to Our desires. In return you get the pleasure of Our satisfaction and the little teases of humiliation as We remind you of your inferior status. Think you have what it takes? Visit the 'Contact' page on My website, download the slave application, and email it in for review. 

As far as clips, you can see the new ones listed on the main page of My wesbiste. Also, before I bring this insightful little blog post to an end, I want to say that I've been thinking about making My mobile clips available on Kinkbomb. Thoughts? Any of you Kinkbomb clip purchasers also on-the-go jerkoff junkies? 

Princess Ida