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Updates 9/25/12

Well, well, well...It's been a little while. Let's start off with the big news since My last post: My website! I now have an official website at www.serveida.com. I spent a good few months building everything, and I am so happy with the way that the site turned out. It has My personal flair and style in every element, while still being easy-to-follow for the simple-minded. So hop on over there, check it out, worship & tribute!

Next, I am having another slipper auction on ebanned! I have been wearing these special slippers since January 2012, and they are ripe sweat and ingrained dirt. This is an auction that any foot fanatic will not want to miss! Click here to go place your bid now. The slippers can be seen below: 


Moving on, I have recently become involved with a new romantic interest, and things have been going extremely well. It should go without saying that My new man is more intelligent, talented, and better looking than any of you gimps could ever be. Therefore, I will now be accepting applications for one cash cuck. Duties will include being a pay bitch by funding dates, purchasing intimate items and general accommodating to Our desires. In return you get the pleasure of Our satisfaction and the little teases of humiliation as We remind you of your inferior status. Think you have what it takes? Visit the 'Contact' page on My website, download the slave application, and email it in for review. 

As far as clips, you can see the new ones listed on the main page of My wesbiste. Also, before I bring this insightful little blog post to an end, I want to say that I've been thinking about making My mobile clips available on Kinkbomb. Thoughts? Any of you Kinkbomb clip purchasers also on-the-go jerkoff junkies? 

Princess Ida

Updates 4/27/12

Hello again, boys! Time for an update. I have some exciting news that I want to share first - I am building My official website. I am doing it all Myself, so it is taking a little while, but I expect for it to be done early May. The site will have details on how to spoil Me, links to tributes/wishlist/giftcards, links to My clips stores, an exclusive photos section of gorgeous photos you won't see anywhere but My page, and other neat things. I will be posting another update once it is completed, and also announcing it on My twitter

In other news, those of you who follow Me know that I had a very special auction in which I sold My treasured slippers that were used in My video "Slipper Bitch". The winning bidder got these one-of-a-kind slippers, plus the humiliating video, for $55. Not sure when I will be having another auction, but follow My twitter to be the first to know. 

Also, I have a couple new boys trying to earn their way into My good graces. My Canadian Pet "CP"as been spending money buying clips and purchasing wishlist items. Here are a couple gifts I recently received from him: 

$60 worth of chocolates as My Easter present!

MANGO cardigan off My wishlist. HOW cute am I?!?

Also had a loser named "cuckslave" tribute $100. Of course, after starting off on the right foot with our first chat, he had to drop the ball by acting flaky and avoiding purchasing the VS items off My wishlist (which he was assigned to do). Stupid boy, you SAID you worked all weekend. IF that were true, you would have money to spend on those items. So either you have the money and are being selfish, or you don't have the money and you're a lying fool. Either way, you're on My shit list. Good boys know their money belongs to ME.

Anyway, I've also been racking up quite an Amazon GC balance...

Amazon GCs are great, but I would much rather receive tributes through Venmo. I love the feeling I get when shopping in public. I love to spend cash in-person. I love to flaunt My many bags of purchased items, as if saying "Ha Ha, suckers!" I can't get that feeling with e-certs. SO, if you are a boy in the USA and don't have Venmo, go sign up. And then send a tribute to princess.idaaa@yahoo.com :)

I also have a ton of new clips for sale. 

Sweaty Sock Worship

I just finished My morning jog and decided to give you footboys a treat. My socks are so sweaty and smelly after I jog, totally perfect for losers like you to worship. I tease you, wiggling My toes, pointing them, showing you the sweaty bottoms, all while laughing at how amusing it is that you're getting horny for My feet. These ankle socks are so worn that you can clearly see the sweaty outlines where My feet have rubbed the dirt and smelly sweat into the white fabric. However, not only are you going to worship these sexy socks, I'm going to take them off and stuff them in your mouth, making you swallow the foot sweat as you shoot your load. So what are you waiting for? Get to worshipping these sweaty, stinky socks, footboy!

Seduced Into Blackmail
I know your weaknesses, and I'm going to exploit them to get what I want. All that it takes is a little bit of teasing in this HOT, skin-tight little black dress, and you're wrapped around My finger. Before long, you'll be so horny that you'll be begging Me to give up all of your personal information. Once I get it, I'm going to hold it over your head, making you fulfill My every desire or risk being exposed. PS - you'll need this: princess.idaaa@yahoo.com

Blackmail Pussies
This is for all the losers who purchased My clip "Seduced Into Blackmail", only to pussy out on sending Me info! I've got My little black book on hand, in which I wrote down the details of each and every person who purchased My clip and didn't come through. Now I'm going to go through the list and call each one of you out. Did you make it as a victim in My little black book?

Live On-Air Public Humiliation II: Short Dick Man
I have done it again, making this pathetic excuse of a man humiliate himself for Me on his own radio show broadcasting to thousands of listeners in Europe and online. This time, I made him show off his skills by singing his own hilarious version of "Short Dick Man". I can't help but giggle at this loser as he sings about how inadequate his little dick is!

Red Pedi Ripoff 
Red: the color of power, danger, and desire. My ten perfect toes painted in this seductive red polish are a lethal weapon, here to do damage to your wallet. I know you're such a sucker for a hot girl's feet, you'll pay big money just for a peek of My pretty toes! Prepare to be financially fucked over by My feet!

All Day Cock Control Challenge
I'm controlling your dick the whole day in this new challenge for the jerkoff junkies. Every hour you're going to watch this clip and edge yourself for Me. I want to keep you in a state of constant arousal through your mundane day. Then, at the end of the day, you will purchase Part II of this clip. Choose the right one, and you just might be able to cum. Choose the wrong one and you'll have the worst case of blue balls imaginable. Think you can handle My all-day teasing? Buy the clips and find out, jerkoff junkie!

Where can you spend all your money purchasing these sexy, addictive clips? At My studios:

That's all for now, guys. Be sure to follow My twitter for the most up-to-date info and tribute porn!

Princess Ida

Hello boys! Today I want to discuss an issue that has come up a lot recently. I meet subs through various sites, not always through My clips stores. Sometimes the subs that I meet on sites other than My clips stores are interested in purchasing My videos. These subs will often ask Me if I can send those clips to them via email in exchange for a gift card. This is not something that I enjoy doing, for a number of reasons. First, I would like to increase sales at My Kinkbomb studio and eventually make it into the Top 50 studios. Also, the money that I make from Kinkbomb sales helps to pay My bills. Obviously I cannot pay bills with a Gift Card, and although the gifts are nice, paying bills is a higher priority. Not only that, but it creates more work for Me when I have to upload these clips to Dropbox so that you can download them. My clip quality is extremely good, since I shoot with a DSLR rather than a crappy HD webcam or cheap camcorder. This means that the file sizes are large, and take a while to upload. So clearly, this is a situation where I lose out in every way. 

I oftentimes ask Myself why you boys can't just sign up for the clips site. Kinkbomb gives Me NONE of your personal information. I don't even get your full email. So, if it is privacy you're concerned about, you really shouldn't be afraid. However, I have decided to throw you guys a bone and continue to offer clips directly from Me, but under MY terms. I will now charge an extra $5-$10 PER CLIP for each clip that is being sent. This is a fee that is added onto the original price of the clip. This is NOT negotiable, so either pay the fee, sign up to one of My clips stores, or fuck off. 

With that said, onto more exciting news. I have been getting some gifts in the mail lately! I started a youtube channel because I find videos more exciting than pictures. Go check them out!

Also, My birthday is coming up on December 13th! Gift cards can be sent to My email at princess.idaaa@yahoo.com. Go check out My wishlist!


Princess Ida

Inaugural Post

Hello boys! I have finally decided to make a livejournal. I had an older blog on blogspot, but I never updated it, so I am hoping that I can keep up with this one. 

As some of you may or may not know, I officially entered the online scene in July when I opened My Kinkbomb studio. I later went on to expand to Clips4Sale, and am also currently working on expanding to Clipvia. I had been an active Domme for a little over a year before I opened My studio. During that year, I had two very dedicated, hardworking subs that would easily have been My slaves if I had had more time to dedicate to them. In the few months before opening My store, those subs and I went our separate ways.

I was excited to open My studio and interact with some of the subs coming to My store and buying My clips. However, upon entering the online scene, I have encountered nothing but flakes and losers saying they want to serve and give up everything, and yet give nothing. When serving Me, I expect prospective slaves to buy My clips and tribute, among other things. Yet, when I tell them this is what I desire, they act like I asked them to cut off their arms or something. I mean REALLY? Are you really going to act that way when you willingly came to Me seeking to serve? Not only that, but you get something back for buying a clip: the ability to see and hear Me teasing and humiliating you at any given moment of the day. I would assume that this would be a positive thing, and yet you fucktards STILL whine and complain and try to get out of it. That right there is substantial proof that you have very little brains, if any. 

I also get the same nonsense when discussing tributing. Potential slaves ask Me all the time "do I HAVE to tribute?", usually accompanied by some sort of see-through excuse. So, YES, YOU DO HAVE TO TRIBUTE. Furthermore, let Me make one thing clear - I would not give you the time of day in real life. Ever. So it should go without saying that I will not give you the time of day online either, unless you make it worth My time. The only way that you can do that is with money. 

Another thing that I have encountered often these past few months are asshats who message Me, not even looking to serve, but just looking to waste My time chatting about how hot they find Me and My videos. I would like to reiterate a very specific point that you guys apparently don't understand: I WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE TIME OF DAY unless you make it worth My time. It is not worthwhile to sit here on messenger, wasting My time chatting to a pathetic excuse for a human being about the most pointless shit that I don't even care about. So far I have been very lenient about this, allowing you losers the benefit of the doubt, hoping that you might do something useful. But of course, you just want to waste My time and jerk off while doing it. Therefore, I will now require tribute in order to chat. If you do not wish to tribute, you may send Me and email and offer a good reason as to why I should sit here and entertain your conversation for free. 

The whole point of bringing this up is to say that I have thus far been severely disappointed in those that have contacted Me. I knew that there would be some fucktards out there, but I didn't expect it to be literally every single sub who contacts Me. Due to this, My view of you losers has dropped to an all time low. 

However, this blog will not be all negative. There is some good news! I successfully held My first Ebanned auction. I sold the sneakers below for $58.

They made some lucky footboy very very happy! I also have a deal running with another bidder who wishes to fill up My closet with Keds! I love Keds, so I'm all for more of them. My first pair is already on it's way! 

Also, I got a few gift cards and bought a few items lately. Here's just a peek at some of My favorite items:

I love Fred Perry. And navy sneakers. So, of course, I had to have these. They look so good on My perfect feet!

Bought some makeup brushes as well, as Mine were getting old. 

Also bought this awesome nail polish. It's magnetic, and you use a magnet to get the design. I love it! 

That's all for now. Check out My links below! 

email: princess.idaaa@yahoo.com

PS: My Birthday is December 13th, so in order to make it the best day of the whole year, I suggest you boys start saving now!